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The Koroneiki olive (Olea Europea var. microcarpa alba) is also called koronia, koroni, kritikia, vatsiki, ladolia, lianolia and psilolia. It is a traditional variety of Greece and is considered the queen of Greek olive varieties with its homeland in the region of Koroni. It is a small-fruited variety without special soil-climatic requirements, resistant to drought and winds and adapts satisfactorily to dry-thermal conditions and poor soils. As a tree it is robust and long-lived with small, lance-shaped and deep green leaves.
It is characterized by two important advantages: its fast growth and its high and stable fruiting (from 50 to over 150 kg of fruit per tree). It grows faster and bears more fruit when it is watered and fertilized systematically.
Since as a variety it lends itself to a systematic cultivation with appropriate pruning and watering, the reduction in production in the second year is significantly limited. The fruit is small with a size of 12-15 mm suitable only for oiling. The disadvantage of the small size of its fruit is overcome by the fact that its oil with its greenish-yellow color is of excellent quality with a fruity taste, excellent aroma and a long storage period. It blooms during the second fortnight of April and ripens during the period from the end of October to December to January. The oil yield of the olive fruit varies between 15 and 25% (4-5 kg of olives yield 1 kg of oil).
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