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Brand: GEMMA Model: 14.03.0022
Special GEL bait which kills the cockroach nest. It is baited indoors. Suitable for amateur use...
Ex Tax:10.61€
Brand: GEMMA Model: 14.03.0027
Insecticide of health importance. Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. It contains three active ingredients in free form and in microcapsule form. Odorless without soiling the sprayed areas. Suitable for mosquitoes, flies, phlebotomies, etc...
Ex Tax:7.96€
Brand: GEMMA Model: 20.00.0778
Suitable for trapping rodents and rats. Ideal for use on cardboard, wood and other surfaces...
Ex Tax:2.41€
Brand: GEMMA Model: 20.00.0781
In pasta form, it has as an attractive natural sunflower seed and active substance Brodifacoum. This is a new generation of rat poison as it lies in the new legislation of 2018...
Ex Tax:3.98€
Brand: GEMMA Model: 20.00.0779
With its special aroma of peanut butter, it attracts rodents that look for food when they enter a space. The glue traps the rodent. The wooden surface ensures the trapping of large rats...
Ex Tax:3.22€
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