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Brand: CLABER Model: 02.03.0030
Automatic coupling for 1/2” hoses...
Ex Tax:2.82€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.03.0027
- For taps with 3/4” (20-27 mm) thread. - Includes on/off valves and washer. - Enables assembly of two water timers, pressure reducers, etc...
Ex Tax:15.32€
Brand: CIM Model: 02.03.0026
Automatic connector for Ø 5/8 hoses...
Ex Tax:3.62€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.00.1309
An automatic one-line water timer containing 15 preset cycles, selected using an exclusive control rotary knob. Simply by turning the knob to any one of the 15 numbered notches you can set the program required in a matter of seconds.- All the programs available are summarized in a diagram printed on..
Ex Tax:37.90€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.03.0032
One-way automatic timer.- 63 preset programmes (+ off and 5-minute test). - Easy programming by way of 2 knobs: one with 7 frequencies, the other with 9 watering times; simply turn the knobs for the required setting.- Equipped with washable filter. 3/4” (20-27 mm) tap connector. - Powered by a 9V al..
Ex Tax:48.38€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.00.1303
Claber 3/4" Automatic Adaptor is used to connect the pressure reducer, 1/2" (13 - 16 mm) main hose adaptor, 1/4" (4 - 6 mm) threaded hose adaptor, and other accessories with 3/4" female thread to electronic timers...
Ex Tax:2.82€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.00.0391
Oscillating sprinkler, 14 precision punched water holes providing uniform distribution with natural rain effect. Control knob for selection of 4 main spray patterns with many intermediate steps. Irrigated area max 180 m²...
Ex Tax:15.72€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.00.0296
- To connect 2 hoses at the same time to the tap.- Includes on/off valves and washer. - Easy attachment by simply screwing on.- With female 3/4” (20-27 mm) thread and a reducer to 1/2” (15-21 mm) thread...
Ex Tax:10.08€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.00.0091
Multi-Jet spray pistol with practical ergonomic grip. Rotate the pistol head for different jets: from jet to soft fan wise, gentle soaker, shower and aerator spray (jet mixed with air bubbles). Very useful for watering potted plants. Selector device and lock for required jet...
Ex Tax:14.91€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.03.0031
Repair a punctured pipe by connecting the two pieces together after removing the leak. For 1/2" pipes...
Ex Tax:2.01€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.03.0035
Repair a punctured pipe by connecting the two pieces together after removing the leak. For 5/8" pipes...
Ex Tax:2.66€
Brand: CLABER Model: 02.00.1262
Adjustable from completely closed to fully open...
Ex Tax:4.03€
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