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Personal protection STIHL

Personal protection STIHL
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Brand: STIHL Model: 06.01.0107
EN 352, extremely light, soft pads, SNR 23 (H: 27; M: 20; L: 14) (up to 103 dB(A)), adjustable ear protectors/headband...
Ex Tax:13.72€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.01.0109
Lightweight combination with ear protection (EN 352) for good noise reduction (up to 104 dB(A)) and pivoting nylon visor. Adjustable head strap. EN 166, EN 1731, SNR 24 (H : 28; M : 21; L : 13)...
Ex Tax:29.20€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.03.0007
Made from cow hide leather, STIHL DYNAMIC Protect MS gloves have an ergonomic curved design for better grip, higher comfort and reduced fatigue. An elastic cuff supports the wrist and prevents dirt or chips from entering the glove. Cut protection level Class 1.Optimal protection when working among t..
Ex Tax:50.00€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.03.0004
Comfortable work gloves made of black synthetic leather, orange Spandex ® and neoprene. Fingers with lateral air vents. Flexible rubber cuff with Velcro fastener...
Ex Tax:16.95€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.03.0005
PES knit with heavy-duty latex palm coating. The PES knit covering the back of the hand and fingers is highly breathable and the latex palm makes the gloves ideal for use in wet conditions...
Ex Tax:6.37€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.03.0002
Highly comfortable thanks to leather/textile combination and elastic knitted cuff, cut protection in the back of both gloves. Sizes 8, 9, 10, 11. EN Protection Class 0 (equivalent to 16 m /s)...
Ex Tax:30.65€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.03.0001
Smartphones and tablets are part of our everyday lives – whether that means working in the garden, in forestry and agriculture, or on a construction site. With the universal-use, touch-sensitive SensoTouch glove FUNCTION, you can operate your digital devices without removing your gloves...
Ex Tax:4.28€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.03.0006
Professional safety gloves without cut protection. Special features like thick insulation, strong latex palm coating and good grip in wet conditions make safety-gloves FUNCTION ThermoGrip well situated for heavy work with wood in cold, wet and snowy conditions. Material: PES knit with heavy-duty lat..
Ex Tax:6.37€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.03.0003
Pigskin/cotton (canvas), with knuckle protection, lined...
Ex Tax:4.19€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.01.0106
Lightweight helmet with a large nylon visor. Elastic visor seals on the helmet protect against the ingress of dirt. Low profile ear muffs provide good sound protection. Vents in the upper part of the helmet chamber. Screen as glare protection. Pin-lock closure for easy adjustment of the headband. Co..
Ex Tax:45.16€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0143
The light weight KM 94 RC-E is packed full of features to help with those everyday tasks around the house and garden.Designed for both keen gardeners and professionals alike, the versatile KombiEngine will comfortably power all the KombiTools within the STIHL range. Technological features include; S..
Ex Tax:407.25€
Brand: STIHL Model: 06.04.0005
Light protective glasses, without anti-glare protection...
Ex Tax:8.87€
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