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Machine Lawn Mowers STIHL

Machine Lawn Mowers STIHL
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Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0167
The STIHL RME 339 C lawn mower with a cutting width of 37 cm is ideal for small lawns as it is easy to maneuver. This electric lawn mower is however particularly characterized by its mono-comfort handlebar with two height settings. This enables particularly pleasant working in a number of respects. ..
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Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0169
The STIHL RM 248 T petrol lawn mower has been developed for the effortless mowing of medium-sized lawns. With the RM 248 T you can relax while mowing your lawn with little effort. Furthermore, the foldable handlebar with its super-soft grip ensures pleasantly ergonomic guidance of the machine. The l..
Ex Tax:407.26€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0168
The STIHL RM 248 petrol lawn mower has been developed for the effortless mowing of medium-sized lawns. This practical entry-level model is particularly manoeuvrable and easy to handle. Simple operation of the central seven-setting cutting height adjustment enables an extremely precisely cut lawn at ..
Ex Tax:305.75€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0171
The STIHL RM 253 T petrol lawn mower is a powerful mower which masters medium-sized and large lawns. Thanks to the 1-speed gearing and the 55-litre fold-open grass catcher box, garden work is made extremely fast and effortless with the RM 253 T. The powerful OHV engine offers you sufficient power to..
Ex Tax:499.11€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0170
The powerful lawn mower with robust aluminium housing is ideal for mowing larger lawns; its multi-blade makes it adept at cutting, catching and mulching. It also has seven-level central cut-height adjustment, which ensures the perfect lawn height. The ergonomic mono comfort handlebar with super-soft..
Ex Tax:773.36€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0166
If you wish to mow small, manageable lawns, the low-noise STIHL RME 235 electric lawn mower is the right choice. Thanks to the simple but robust construction, lawn care is particularly straightforward with this lightweight mower. The optimal lawn cutting height can be set in five levels using the ce..
Ex Tax:128.23€
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