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Brand: STIHL Model: 05.02.0014
Light forestry axe for gardening and forestry work. With ash handle...
Ex Tax:41.95€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.01.0617
Double or quadruple lines, for mowing and thinning work. Up to four lines can be easily inserted. Compatible with many different sizes and types of mowing line...
Ex Tax:30.08€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.00.0038
Cuts high branches with ease. Compact design with marker/sight line to assist with accurate cutting. Magnesium gearbox. Only suitable for loop handle KombiEngines...
Ex Tax:273.38€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0145
The STIHL HT 105 is a powerful telescopic pole pruner with a lightweight magnesium gearbox, ideal for professional tree care and maintenance. Efficiently prune trees or remove dead wood, branches and storm damage. Low emissions and a manual fuel pump work in conjunction with the automatic decompress..
Ex Tax:616.93€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0129
Replacement round files for STIHL filing kits, file holders and 2-in-1 EasyFile...
Ex Tax:1.37€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.05.0149
Part of the Lithium-Ion series, the BGA 45 handheld blower delivers the power you need at an incredible value. It is exceptionally quiet and lightweight at just 2kg, including integrated battery. On a single charge, the BGA 45 can clear up to a tennis court (200m2) with a blowing speed of 157 kmph a..
Ex Tax:112.13€
Brand: STIHL Model: 42.02.0002
With its redesigned gearbox and modern color scheme, the STIHL HL-KM 145° adjustable hedge trimmer attachment provides excellent, flexible cutting performance. Compatible with the STIHL KombiSystem, it features a 145° working range and is lighter than previous models. It will help reduce fatigue whe..
Ex Tax:386.29€
Brand: STIHL Model: 05.02.0019
Aluminum felling wedge: Reliable alignment when felling treesWeight 190 g...
Ex Tax:9.73€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.01.0615
Makes it possible to transfer energy between a STIHL AP battery and a tool with a socket. Can be combined with the battery belt carrying system with harness. Cable length: 120 cm. With integrated electronics for overload switching with acoustic signals. For use with STIHL AP System tools that requir..
Ex Tax:168.55€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.01.0595
Double lines, for mowing and thinning work. Mowing lines are automatically extended when the mowing head is tapped on the ground...
Ex Tax:25.73€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.01.0598
Double lines, for mowing and thinning work. Mowing lines are automatically extended when the mowing head is tapped on the ground...
Ex Tax:20.16€
Brand: STIHL Model: 10.04.0054
The Stihl SG 71 18L Backpack Sprayer is a professional-grade backpack sprayer that is perfect for large-scale spraying applications. It features a 18L capacity tank, a comfortable backpack harness, and a variety of features that make it easy to use and maintain. The SG 71 is ideal for spraying pesti..
Ex Tax:112.09€
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