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Productive Plants

Productive Plants
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In our greenhouse, you can find different aromatic plants:- Mentha piperita- Thymus vulgaris- Origanum majorana- Origanum vulgare- Mentha spicata- Lavandula dentata- Origanum dictamnus- Rosmarinus officinalis- Santolina chamaecyparissusPlease let us know the type of plants you would like to order...
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Model: 01.01.0034
HASS AVOCADO.(Persea Americana) The fruit is pear-shaped, medium to large in size, and the skin is green and smooth. It ripens in autumn and more specifically in November. It prefers climates with high temperature and increased humidity and frequent watering. Also, if you want your tree to bear more..
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Model: 01.02.0015
Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli plants.Please let us know the type of plants you would like to order...
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Model: 01.01.0009
Citrus trees at a height of 0.5 - 1.5 m and a pot of about 2 Lt.- Orange Sanguine- Orange Tobacco-scented- Orange Valencia - Orange New Hall- Orange Lanelate- Orange Sykeri- Bergamot- Tangerine Clementine- Tangerine Dopia- Tangerine Ankor- Tangerine Nova- Lemon Eureka- Lemonia Adamopoulou- Kumquat- ..
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Model: 01.01.0001
Fruit trees, a height of 0.5 - 1.5 m and a pot about 2 Lt.- Abate fetel pear- Pear Kontoula- Pear Butterita- Apricot Diamantopoulou's- Apricot Bebeku- Plum Stanley- Santa Rosa Plum (Vanilla)- Quince- Apple tree Golden Delicious (Yellow)- Apple tree Grand Smith - Apple tree Starkimson- Apple tree Kik..
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Model: 01.01.0022
In our greenhouse, you can find different grape plants:- Cardinal- Attica- Crimson- Ralley- Strawberry- Italia- Rozaki- Sultanina- SuperiorPlease let us know the type of plants you would like to order...
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Model: 01.02.0016
Lettuce plants, curly, green, red.Please let us know the type of plants you would like to order...
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Amfissis (Konservolia, Voliotiki) is considered a productive variety with resistance to cold and great susceptibility to the disease verticillosis. Its fruit is quite large and on average weighs 5.7 gr. It is mainly used as a table variety due to the fine quality of its fruit...
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Model: 01.01.0015
A variety that is cultivated almost exclusively in Halkidiki and is known as Gaidourelia, due to the relatively large size of its fruits. This particular variety produces green cylindro-conical fruits that bear a papilla. The average weight of the fruit varies between 6 to 12 gr, with an average of ..
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Model: 01.01.0036
The Kalamon nychat or Kalamata olive is one of the best table varieties, adapted to the microclimate and soils of the Peloponnese, the region where it is mainly cultivated. The fruit has a cylindroconical shape and resembles a roga grape variety. On average, the fruit weighs 5-6g and the core is smo..
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The Koroneiki olive (Olea Europea var. microcarpa alba) is also called koronia, koroni, kritikia, vatsiki, ladolia, lianolia and psilolia. It is a traditional variety of Greece and is considered the queen of Greek olive varieties with its homeland in the region of Koroni. It is a small-fruited varie..
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Model: 01.02.0013
The basic idea of grafting horticultural crops is that we take advantage of the above-ground part of each hybrid and the strong root system of the subject. In essence, from two separate plants we create a new plant with all the advantages of the hybrid but also all the advantages of the subject (str..
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