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Model: 08.01.0038
Complete liquid food for dogs in a can. Suitable for adult dogs of all breeds.Composition:Meat (chicken at least 12%), beef (at least 4%), animal by-products, cereals and minerals.Extras:Vitamin A 1600 IU/kg, vitamin D 140 IU/kg, E: 10 IU/kg, iron (E1) 24mg/kg, magnesium 200 mg/kg, manganese (E5) 6 ..
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Model: 08.01.0014
Complete meal for dogs containing delicious chunks of beef.Proteins 6.5%Total Fat 4.5%Total Fiber 0.5%Total Ash 2%Humidity 81%Magnesium 200mg/kg...
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Model: 08.01.0004
The new Kitty Bites fish kibbles contain all the necessary ingredients that strengthen the cat's body by offering high nutritional values with excellent palatability and digestibility to enhance optimal health, vitality and general physical condition. The specially studied and innovative design of t..
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Model: 08.01.0027
Ingredients:Protein: 31%Fats: 12%Humidity: 10%Ash: 7.7%Fiber: 2.5%Calcium: 1.3 mgPhosphorus: 1%Price per kilo. One package is 20kg...
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Model: 08.01.0016
GOLD ADULT dog food is a complete and balanced meal with the ideal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to maintain good physical health with an irresistible taste and unique nutritional value. Specially designed for adult dogs of all breeds-Components:Cereals, chicken meat, trace elements, min..
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Model: 08.01.0003
Complete food for puppies and young dogs of all breeds with chicken and rice, supplemented with higher fatty acids.Cereals (at least 10% rice), meat and animal by-products (at least 15% chicken), vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by-products, oils and fats (fish oil rich in MK3 MK minimum 1%), y..
Ex Tax:2.01€
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