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Model: 20.00.0853
Pellets are an ecological fuel product without chemicals and are part of renewable energy sources. They are produced from agricultural crop residues or from small compressed pieces of wood without the addition of chemicals. They are characterized by high consistency, low moisture content and high de..
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Model: 20.00.0753
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Model: 20.00.0872
Petrogaz gas bottle is suitable for domestic as well as professional use in stoves, grills, stoves, etc.Mixture of Butane 80% – Propane 20%Capacity: 23.8ltDimensions: Diameter 30cm - Height 52-56cmButane/propane mixture bottle 10kg (Petrogas)The price includes the bottle and its contents..
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Model: 20.00.0876
Empty bottle with a capacity of 13 kg of propane or 30.6 lt.This particular propane cylinder is 13 kg and is suitable for both professional use and even domestic use if the necessary installation has been made and all safety conditions are met.Bottle Dimensions:Width: 30cm.Height: 60-65cm...
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Model: 20.00.0873
The bottle is suitable for professional use as well as domestic use if the necessary installation has been made and all safety specifications are met.Capacity: 59.5ltDimensions:Diameter 36cm.Height 80-82cm...
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Model: 20.00.0771
Πυρηνόξυλο από το πυρηνελαιουργείο Ανδρουλάκη Παύλου...
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