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Brand: SAMURAI Model: 10.02.0012
- Samurai Kanzawa split handsaw with 15cm straight blade.- Ideal for cutting wood.- Very easy to use as it folds & is easy to carry.- Fast, effortless cutting.- With soft, non-slip handle for a comfortable & stable grip.- Excellent quality & great durability.- Made in Japan.Blade length: 15 cmBlade ..
Ex Tax:12.82€
Brand: SAMURAI Model: 10.02.0325
Heavy-duty pruning shears, with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable and relaxed grip and a teflon-coated blade. Ideal for pruning...
Ex Tax:14.43€
Brand: GARDENA Model: 10.02.0097
It can be used as a "normal" hand saw or with the use of a Combi Rod to cut branches up to 5 meters high.- Blade length: 325 mm- Ergonomic handle- Built-in loop for easy hanging- Chrome-plated blade- Stop on the edge of the handle..
Ex Tax:26.61€
Brand: SAMURAI Model: 10.02.0404
- Hand saw - Miter saw with a special tubular handle, which allows it to be used by hand, but also to be easily and quickly adapted to any cylindrical pole.- Suitable for working safely, in high, remote and hard-to-reach parts of the trees.- A replacement blade is available for all Samurai hand saws..
Ex Tax:15.24€
Brand: SAMURAI Model: 10.02.0091
Hand saw with straight blade and fine tooth pitch, 24 cm / 2.5 mm, without case. Suitable for cutting small and very small diameter branches. The fine serration helps create clean cuts, even on very thin branches. Creates smooth and clean cuts, which leave trees healthier. Ergonomic, non-slip handle..
Ex Tax:12.91€
Brand: ARS Model: 10.02.0197
Overall length: 34 cmWeight: 170 gr..
Ex Tax:14.23€
Brand: ARS Model: 10.02.0198
Overall length: 43 cmWeight: 240 gr..
Ex Tax:17.74€
Brand: SAMURAI Model: 10.02.0391
- Heavy-duty hand saw, with curved 33cm blade and belt pouch, ideal for cutting even the thickest branches.- With plastic handle in plastic case.- Curved blade...
Ex Tax:14.43€
Brand: SAMURAI Model: 10.02.0160
- 18cm/ 4mm fixed hand saw with triple serrated curved blade and belt pouch.- Curved blade (mainly suitable for pruning).- Specially hardened teeth, sharpened with a whetstone, so that they always remain sharp and a unique (internationally patented) variable design, which results in maintaining a co..
Ex Tax:14.43€
Brand: SAMURAI Model: 10.02.0390
Ex Tax:27.42€
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