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Brand: EUROCHEM Model: 09.03.0185
All types of Nitrophoska® Solub contain macronutrients and trace elements, are chlorine free and contribute to the maximum absorption of nutrients. Nitrophoska® Solub guarantees the full and balanced growth of fruits, vegetables and other intensive crops...
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Brand: ΛΥΔΑ Model: 09.01.0114
Agrolivo is a chemical fertilizer with ideal proportions of macroelements and trace elements for olive nutrition. It contains two forms of nitrogen (N), nitric and ammonium, which ensures the smooth nutrition of the crop in all its stages (vegetative, reproductive, etc.), ideally supporting the form..
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Brand: STIHL Model: 09.04.0015
Contemporary agricultural research has clearly shown that different sources of Nitrogen affect the growth and yield of crops in a different way.The standard for the evaluation of Nitrogen fertilizers is their capacity to supply plants with absorbable forms of Nitrogen and to promote the quantitative..
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Brand: FERTINAGRO Model: 09.03.0171
Specialized water-soluble fertilizer in the form of wettable granules, with a high concentration of potassium, fully soluble and digestible, humic and fulvic acids. It favors fruit ripening, focusing mainly on quality-related issues such as sugar content, color, taste, shape and consistency. It part..
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Brand: STIHL Model: 09.01.0072
Targeted nutrition and a high yield in agriculture require a sufficient supply of both forms of Nitrogen to crops.During the early stages of development, the plants show a preference for Ammoniacal Nitrogen and they absorb more of it, synthesizing amino acids and proteins, which are necessary for ge..
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Brand: YARA Model: 09.03.0128
YaraTera Calcinit is the highest quality water-soluble calcium nitrate with guaranteed composition and purity. The word YaraTera stands for reliability guaranteed by the manufacture of the products in Yara's factories in Norway.YaraTera CALCINIT is specially formulated for application through hydro..
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Brand: ΕΛΛΑΓΡΟΛΙΠ Model: 09.01.0082
Complex special NRP fertilizer with Magnesium and Boron. Its composition is adapted to the specific requirements of boriophilic crops with increased nitrogen needs. It prevents the occurrence of Boron and Magnesium nutritional deficiencies, which often occur in the soil and climate conditions of our..
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Brand: ΒΑΣΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ Model: 09.01.0094
The complex organochemical fertilizersCOMPLEHUMOSAN are innovative productsunbeatable quality, available in onerich range of types (N – R – K) to coverneeds of each crop and soil...
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Brand: ΒΑΣΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ Model: 09.01.0037
The complex organochemical fertilizersCOMPLEHUMOSAN are innovative productsunbeatable quality, available in onerich range of types (N – R – K) to coverneeds of each crop and soil...
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Brand: FERTINAGRO Model: 09.03.0129
Natural activator, polybiostimulator in capsule form, designed for the application of active biocomponents that promote the physiological processes of crops, with a high presence of organic compounds of a humic nature. It contributes to the vegetative stimulation of growth, the activation of the mic..
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Model: 09.04.0025
Composition for the growth (thickening) of the fruits. Promotes the synthesis of proteins and enzymes that activate cell growth and division. It mobilizes the nutrients from the leaves, stems and root to the fruit, thus triggering the processes of fruit growth and ripening, without causing degradati..
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Brand: EUROCHEM Model: 09.01.0015
ENTEC® Solub are fertilizers that inhibit the conversion of ammonium nitrogen to nitrate (nitrification), ensuring the availability of nitrogen to the soil in the appropriate season. This is achieved by inhibiting the action of Nitrosomonas bacteria, responsible for converting ammonia into nitrite. ..
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