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Brand: STIHL Model: 34.01.0001
Built with a compact, lightweight design, the HSA 40 is the ideal tool for small yards. The laser-cut, diamond-ground double-sided blades offer optima..
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Brand: STIHL Model: 45.00.0001
Heavy-duty special harvester with rakes for olives and small fruits, for professional harvesting work. With STIHL anti-vibration system, proven STIHL ..
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Brand: STIHL Model: 43.00.0002
For hard or dead wood. Non-stick coated blades. Pull-to-cut. Replaceable anvil. 80 cm, 1,245 g, branches up to 40 mm in diameter...
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Brand: HELLASGROUP Model: 09.01.0048
NutrActive magni-bor is a new generation fertilizer which has resulted from many years of research and experimentation in the field of crop nutrition...
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Brand: EUROCHEM Model: 09.01.0015
ENTEC® Solub are fertilizers that inhibit the conversion of ammonium nitrogen to nitrate (nitrification), ensuring the availability of nitrogen to the..
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Model: 20.00.0771
Πυρηνόξυλο από το πυρηνελαιουργείο Ανδρουλάκη Παύλου...
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Model: 01.02.0040
In our greenhouse, you can find different plants for your vegetable garden:- Tomato Dopia, Elpida tomato, Lobello tomato, Luana tomato, Bobcat tomato-..
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Brand: EUROCHEM Model: 09.01.0028
Maximum nutritional performance and environmental protectionENTEC solub are fertilizers that inhibit the conversion of ammonium nitrogen into nitrate ..
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Brand: ΒΑΣΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ Model: 09.01.0040
Golden Humus M-8O is a fermentation product of excellent leonardite quality and is therefore recommended for use in organic agriculture. It is a soil-..
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Model: 01.02.0013
The basic idea of grafting horticultural crops is that we take advantage of the above-ground part of each hybrid and the strong root system of the sub..
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