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In our greenhouse, you can find different aromatic plants:- Mentha piperita- Thymus vulgaris- Origanum majorana- Origanum vulgare- Mentha spicata- Lav..
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In our greenhouse, you can find different climbing plants:- Lonicera japonica- Ampelopsis arborea- Bouganvillea glabra- Bouganvillea mini thai- Jasmin..
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In our greenhouse, you can find different grape plants:- Cardinal- Attica- Crimson- Ralley- Strawberry- Italia- Rozaki- Sultanina- SuperiorPlease let ..
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The Koroneiki olive (Olea Europea var. microcarpa alba) is also called koronia, koroni, kritikia, vatsiki, ladolia, lianolia and psilolia. It is a tra..
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The Kalamon nychat or Kalamata olive is one of the best table varieties, adapted to the microclimate and soils of the Peloponnese, the region where it..
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Brand: EUROCHEM Model: 09.01.0028
Maximum nutritional performance and environmental protectionENTEC solub are fertilizers that inhibit the conversion of ammonium nitrogen into nitrate ..
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Brand: ΒΑΣΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ Model: 09.01.0040
Golden Humus M-8O is a fermentation product of excellent leonardite quality and is therefore recommended for use in organic agriculture. It is a soil-..
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Brand: ΒΑΣΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ Model: 09.01.0037
The complex organochemical fertilizersCOMPLEHUMOSAN are innovative productsunbeatable quality, available in onerich range of types (N – R – K) to cove..
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Ideal for agricultural work, logistics, industry, etc.Extremely durable safety shoes.Steel puncture protection. Steel finger protection with impact re..
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Brand: ΧΕΛΛΑΦΑΡΜ Model: 14.01.0041
Roundup 36 SL is probably the most famous plant protection product! With a unique formulation and effectiveness, Roundup 36 SL fights annual, perennia..
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